Author: Mikael S. Adolphson
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Keywords: premodern, japan, warriors, courtiers, power, monks, gates
Number of Pages: 472
Published: 2000-07
List price: $30.00
ISBN-10: 0824823346
ISBN-13: 9780824823344

The political influence of temples in premodern Japan, most clearly manifested in divine demonstrations--where rowdy monks and shrine servants brought holy symbols to the capital to exert pressure on courtiers--has traditionally been condemned and is poorly understood. In an impressive examination of this intriguing aspect of medieval Japan, the author employs a wide range of previously neglected sources to argue that religious protest was a symptom of political factionalism in the capital rather than its cause. It is his contention that religious violence can be traced primarily

Author: Tom Coffman
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Keywords: history, hawai, political, america, edge, island
Number of Pages: 419
Published: 2003-03
List price: $44.00
ISBN-10: 0824826256
ISBN-13: 9780824826253

In his most challenging work to date, journalist and author Tom Coffman offers readers a new and much-needed political narrative of twentieth-century Hawai’i. The Island Edge of America reinterprets the major events leading up to and following statehood in 1959: U.S. annexation of the Hawaiian kingdom, the wartime crisis of the Japanese-American community, post-war labor organization, the Cold War, the development of Hawai’i’s legendary Democratic Party, the rise of native Hawaiian nationalism. His account weaves together the threads of multicultural and transnational

Author: Shuqin Cui
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Keywords: chinese, cinema, century, nation, lens, gender, women
Number of Pages: 304
Published: 2003-03
List price: $44.00
ISBN-10: 0824825322
ISBN-13: 9780824825324

Gender and nation have often served as narrative subjects and visual tropes in Chinese cinema. The intersections between the two that occur in cinematic representation, however, have received little critical attention. Women through the Lens raises the question of how gender, especially the image of woman, acts as a visual and discursive sign in the creation of the nation-state in twentieth-century China. Tracing the history of Chinese cinema through the last hundred years from the perspective of transnational feminism, Shuqin Cui reveals how women have been granted a "privileged visibility" o

Authors:Rebecca L. Copeland, Esperanza Ramirez-christensen,
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Keywords: father, women, law, literary, japanese, daughter, plot
Number of Pages: 384
Published: 2001-09
List price: $67.00
ISBN-10: 0824821726
ISBN-13: 9780824821722

This collection of essays is a comprehensive study of the "father-daughter dynamic" in Japanese female literary experience. Its contributors examine the ways in which women have been placed politically, ideologically, and symbolically as "daughters" in a culture that venerates "the father". They weigh the impact that this daughterly position has had on both the performance and production of women’s writing from the classical period to the present. Conjoining the classical and the modern with a unified theme reveals an important continuum in female authorship-a historical approach often i

Author: Johan Elverskog
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Keywords: imperial, china, state, buddhism, mongols, qing
Number of Pages: 242
Published: 2006-08-30
List price: $52.00
ISBN-10: 0824830210
ISBN-13: 9780824830212

Although it is generally believed that the Manchus controlled the Mongols through their patronage of Tibetan Buddhism, scant attention has been paid to the Mongol view of the Qing imperial project. In contrast to other accounts of Manchu rule, Our Great Qing focuses not only on what images the metropole wished to project into Mongolia, but also on what images the Mongols acknowledged themselves. Rather than accepting the Manchu s use of Buddhism, Johan Elverskog begins by questioning the static, unhistorical, and hegemonic view of political life implicit in the Buddhist explanation. By stres

Author: Hajime Nakamura
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Keywords: foreign, national, language, center, reports, technical, revised, japan, eastern, thinking, peoples, india, tibet, china, ways
Number of Pages: 736
Published: 1964-01-01
List price: $27.00
ISBN-10: 0824800788
ISBN-13: 9780824800789

A landmark comparative study, this volume analyzes the characteristic thought patterns of four Asian peoples--the Indians, the Chinese, the Japanese, and the Tibetans--as these are revealed in their language, their logic, and their cultural products. Hajime Nakamura focuses particularly on the impact of Buddhism, seeking to clarify the ways in which Buddhism and Indian logic were introduced from India into China, Japan, and Tibet, and how this universal religion and logic has become modifed according to the native characteristics of each people.

Authors:Hen-Shui Chang, Zhang Henshui, William A. Lyell,
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Keywords: china, modern, fiction, express, shanghai
Number of Pages: 259
Published: 1997-07
List price: $30.00
ISBN-10: 0824818253
ISBN-13: 9780824818258

In this suspenseful tale of seduction and deception, a wealthy banker is smitten by an alluring young woman while traveling aboard the express train from Beijing to Shanghai. A consummate storyteller and one of the most popular novelists of his day, Zhang Henshui sweeps us on board with them and takes us through train stations and back and forth between first, second, and third class cars, evoking the smells of this microcosm of the urban world. We see what various travelers wear; we hear their conversations; we feel the chill or the warmth of each car; we detect a trace of perfu
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