Author: Rolf J. Goebel
Publisher: Camden House
Keywords: literature, linguistics, culture, german, studies, works, walter, benjamin, companion
Number of Pages: 330
Published: 2009-10-01
List price: $90.00
ISBN-10: 1571133674
ISBN-13: 9781571133670

Walter Benjamin (1892-1940) has emerged as one of the leading cultural critics of the twentieth century. His work encompasses aesthetics, metaphysical language and narrative theories, German literary history, philosophies of history, the intersection of Marxism and Messianic thought, urban topography, and the development of photography and film. Benjamin defined the task of the critic as one that blasts endangered moments of the past out of the continuum of history so that they attain new significance. This volume of new essays employs this principle of actualization as its methodological prog

Author: Robert Cummins
Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning
Keywords: preparation, document, legal, basics
Number of Pages: 333
Published: 1996-10-10
List price: $185.95
ISBN-10: 0827367996
ISBN-13: 9780827367999

Basics of Legal Document Preparation provides essential knowledge necessary for students to determine the appropriate legal document required in any given situation. It also provides the technical skills required for students to prepare each document. The book is divided into three sections with the first consisting of goals, forms, instruments, pleading and general American jurisprudence. The second section focuses on instruments such as contracts, real estate transactions, wills, and trusts. And the third section is comprised of legal pleadings for many specific areas of law such as bankrup

Author: Patti Kelley Criswell
Publisher: Pleasant Company Publications
Keywords: girl, american
Number of Pages: 64
Published: 2004-06-01
List price: $8.95
ISBN-10: 1584858745
ISBN-13: 9781584858744

We asked American Girl magazine readers to tell us how they would handle everyday problems - from What would you do if someone told a lie about you? to Would you tell your teacher if you knew a classmate was cheating? What Would You Do? is filled with quizzes that ask real-life questions and give answers that help girls understand their own problem-solving skills.

Author: P.T. Durbin
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: philosophy, technology, dimensions, practical, historical
Number of Pages: 220
Published: 1989-06-30
List price: $221.00
ISBN-10: 0792301390
ISBN-13: 9780792301394

Authors:Helen Krich Chinoy, Linda Walsh Jenkins,
Publisher: Theatre Communications Group
Keywords: theatre, american, women
Number of Pages: 600
Published: 2005-05-01
List price: $19.95
ISBN-10: 1559362634
ISBN-13: 9781559362634

Newly revised and expanded, Women in American Theatre is a unique resource that challenges preconceptions by exploring and celebrating the heritage of women in American theater. In this new edition, the editors have collected a series of interviews and essays that address the contributions of women to theater, the recurring patterns of their participation and the problems as well as successes they have encountered in developing their careers. Helen Krich Chinoy is professor emeritus of theater at Smith College, where she taught for over 25 years. Linda Walsh Jenkins formerly was a theater prof

Authors:Gerard Leone, Richard D. Rahn,
Publisher: Flow Publishing Inc.
Keywords: changeover, quick
Number of Pages: 105
Published: 2011-02-11
List price: $12.95
ISBN-10: 0983383901
ISBN-13: 9780983383901

Quick Changeover refers to the ability to prepare an OR suite or patient room for the next procedure or patient, in the minimum time possible, without errors, and without rushing. Quick Changeover has been a core method in the world of manufacturing (it is also called SMED in that world), but the same basic approach can be applied to the changeover of an OR suite, a patient room, or any case where we need to improve asset utilization. This clear explanation of the Quick Changeover process will help your hospital get started on the right foot, with this fundamental and essential discipline.

Author: Anais Nin
Publisher: Mariner Books
Keywords: birds, little
Number of Pages: 168
Published: 2004-02-02
List price: $14.00
ISBN-10: 0156029049
ISBN-13: 9780156029049

Evocative and superbly erotic, Little Birds is a powerful journey into the mysterious world of sex and sensuality. From the beach towns of Normandy to the streets of New Orleans, these thirteen vignettes introduce us to a covetous French painter, a sleepless wanderer of the night, a guitar-playing gypsy, and a host of others who yearn for and dive into the turbulent depths of romantic experience.
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