Author: The Federal Transit AdministrationTransportation
Publisher: Transportation Research Board
Keywords: transportation, program, research, tcrp, cooperative, report, book, transit, increase, coordination, services, disadvantaged, strategies
Published: 2004
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0309088135
ISBN-13: 9780309088138

76 pages.

Author: Surface Transportation Board (U.S.)
Publisher: US Independent Agencies and Commissions
Keywords: surface, board, transportation, june, december, states, decisions, reports, united
Number of Pages: 1060
Published: 2010-02-12
List price: $88.00
ISBN-10: 0160840953
ISBN-13: 9780160840951

Publisher: AAS
Keywords: transportation, economic, growth, investments, relationship, key, future
Published: 1990-01-01
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 1566772982
ISBN-13: 9781566772983

Author: John Forester
Publisher: The MIT Press
Keywords: transportation, engineers, cycling, second, bicycle, handbook
Number of Pages: 360
Published: 1994-08-30
List price: $35.00
ISBN-10: 0262560798
ISBN-13: 9780262560795

This new edition of John Forester’s handbook for transportation policy makers and bicycling advocates has been completely rewritten to reflect changes of the last decade. It includes new chapters on European bikeway engineering, city planning, integration with mass transit and long-distance carriers, "traffic calming," and the art of encouraging private-sector support for bicycle commuting. A professional engineer and an avid bicyclist, John Forester combined those interests in founding the discipline of cycling transportation engineering, which regards bicycling as a form of vehicula

Author: National Conference on Intermodalism Sta
Publisher: National Academies Press
Keywords: transportation, record, research, environmental, issues
Number of Pages: 108
Published: 1996-12
List price: $45.00
ISBN-10: 030906211X
ISBN-13: 9780309062114

Author: Transportation Research Board
Publisher: TRB
Keywords: transportation, markets, freight, interdependence, private, sector, public
Number of Pages: 60
Published: 2009
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0309117909
ISBN-13: 9780309117906

Author: C. C. Mccain
Publisher: Cornford Press
Keywords: transportation, eminent, experts, subjects, compilation, theories, compendium, essays
Number of Pages: 296
Published: 2008-05-19
List price: $7.45
ISBN-10: 1409700771
ISBN-13: 9781409700777

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