Authors:Peter Morris AC FRS FRCS, Stuart J. Knechtle MD,
Publisher: Saunders
Keywords: kidney, transplantation, morris, principles, practice
Number of Pages: 872
Published: 2008-05-21
List price: $270.00
ISBN-10: 1416033432
ISBN-13: 9781416033431

Updated to reflect today’s practice guidelines, the new edition of this comprehensive text remains the definitive resource on all aspects of renal transplantation, including immunological, pathological, psychological and ethical considerations. It examines evaluation, management, and procurement of living and deceased donor kidneys, the selection of suitable recipients, interpretation of graft dysfunction, and expected survival based upon a large database of information. There are comprehensive chapters on pediatric renal transplantation and on renal transplantation in the developing wor

Author: Paul
Publisher: Informa Healthcare
Keywords: transplantation, organ
Number of Pages: 432
Published: 1992-07-21
List price: $229.95
ISBN-10: 0824785991
ISBN-13: 9780824785994

Author: Robert Veatch
Publisher: Georgetown University Pre
Keywords: ethics, transplantation
Number of Pages: 448
Published: 2000-10-11
List price: $34.95
ISBN-10: 0878408126
ISBN-13: 9780878408122

Three decades after the first heart transplant surgery stunned the world, organs including eyes, lungs, livers, kidneys and hearts are transplanted everyday. However, despite its routine nature - or perhaps because of it - transplantation offers enormous ethical challenges. Veatch offers a systematic account of the ethical controversies surrounding organ transplants. He structures his discussion around three major topics: the definition of death; the procurement of organs; and the allocation of organs. He addresses both fundamental questions and recently emerging issues, offering his own solut

Author: Judith Fox
Publisher: Nova Science Publishers
Keywords: research, new, transplantation, kidney
Number of Pages: 169
Published: 2006-04
List price: $210.00
ISBN-10: 1594549664
ISBN-13: 9781594549663

Kidney transplantation has revolutionised the treatment of end-stage renal failure. Not only does it offer the best hope for complete rehabilitation, but it has also proved to be the most cost-effective of all treatment options, including dialysis. The surgical techniques involved have been mastered for half a century and are now considered routine. Nevertheless, this should not prevent us from appreciating the range and complexity of the issues surrounding kidney transplantation. This book examines the latest research in this field including rejection.

Author: Leslie Brent
Publisher: Academic Press
Keywords: immunology, transplantation, history
Number of Pages: 482
Published: 1996-12-16
List price: $121.00
ISBN-10: 0121317706
ISBN-13: 9780121317706

Those entering the field of transplantation are frequently unaware of the topics historical roots and even of the background on which modern discoveries in tolerance, histocompabatibility antigens, and xenotransplantation are based. A History of Transplantation Immunology is an account, written by one of the founding fathers of the field, of how tissue and organ transplantation has become one of the most successful branches of late 20th century medicine. The book helps place the work of contemporary scientists into its proper context and makes fascinating reading for immunologists in all stage

Authors:Robert J. Corry, Ron Shapiro,
Publisher: Informa Healthcare
Keywords: transplantation, pancreatic
Number of Pages: 467
Published: 2006-10-09
List price: $230.00
ISBN-10: 0824728793
ISBN-13: 9780824728793

Pancreatic transplantation has emerged as the single most effective means to achieve normal glucose homeostasis in patients suffering from type 1 diabetes mellitus. Standing as the most comprehensive source on pancreatic transplantation available, this guide describes short- and long-term outcomes, as well as provides authoritative chapters on patient evaluation, donor management, and recipient care; surgical procedures; and strategies for complication avoidance and control. With expert contributions from specialists at leading U.S. and international centers, this guide will stand alone as the

Author: Paul S. Sidhu
Publisher: Thieme Medical Publishers
Keywords: transplantation, abdominal, ultrasound
Number of Pages: 142
Published: 2002-01
List price: $129.00
ISBN-10: 3131310812
ISBN-13: 9783131310811

This specialist volume is the first English-language textbook to present a comprehensive view of the sonographic aspects of abdominal transplantation, from pre-assessment of the patient to examination during the peri-operative period and on through follow up. Extensively illustrated, the text gives in-depth treatment to the color doppler techniques critical in modern practice as well as other imaging modalities useful in the transplantation of the kidneys, pancreas and small bowel. Transplant physicians and surgeons, along with those radiologists and sonographers involved in the assessment of
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