Authors:Jay Dratler, Stephen McJohn,
Publisher: Law Journal Seminars Press
Keywords: property, intellectual, series, industrial, commercial, law, creative
Number of Pages: 2500
Published: 1991-12-28
List price: $569.00
ISBN-10: 1588520544
ISBN-13: 9781588520548

This two-volume treatise discusses all the major fields of intellectual property: patents, trade secrets, copyright, technological protection of copyrighted works under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, semiconductor chip protection, import exclusion, database protection, software protection, Web publishing, trademarks, trade dress, Internet domain names, parallel imports and "gray goods," and unfair competition. "Intellectual Property Law" also discusses the TRIP Agreement and other international conventions and compares the basic principles of U.S. law with those of Asian and European la

Author: World Intellectual Property Organization
Publisher: World Intellectual Property
Keywords: intellectual, property, level, interregional, roundtable, proceedings, ldcs, countries, millennium, developed, new, compendium
Number of Pages: 140
Published: 1999-02
List price: $54.00
ISBN-10: 9280509535
ISBN-13: 9789280509533

Author: World Intellectual Property Organization
Publisher: World Intellectual Property
Keywords: intellectual, traditional, knowledge, property, fact, finding, report, missions, wipo, needs, holders, expectations
Number of Pages: 340
Published: 2001-02
List price: $54.00
ISBN-10: 9280509683
ISBN-13: 9789280509687

Author: Henry J. Hyde
Publisher: Cato Institute
Keywords: property, seizure, safe, rights, forfeiting
Number of Pages: 100
Published: 1995-04-01
List price: $10.95
ISBN-10: 1882577191
ISBN-13: 9781882577194

Author: James V. DeLong
Publisher: Free Press
Keywords: property, care, assault, rights, matters
Number of Pages: 400
Published: 1997-03-03
List price: $27.50
ISBN-10: 0684874377
ISBN-13: 9780684874371

Asks questions about how private property owners should be allowed to use their land, concluding that property owners should have complete control, particularly in regard to any environmental laws. 10,000 first printing.

Author: P. Scott
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Keywords: property, sector, commercial, history, masters, british
Number of Pages: 364
Published: 1996-04-01
List price: $155.00
ISBN-10: 0419209506
ISBN-13: 9780419209508

This is a thorough exploration of the evolution of the commercial property investment and development markets from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day. It explains how the current investment scene emerged and fills an important gap in the literature on the property market.

Author: Lee Anne Fennell
Publisher: Yale University Press
Keywords: property, lines, values, unbounded, home
Number of Pages: 312
Published: 2009-09-01
List price: $45.00
ISBN-10: 0300122446
ISBN-13: 9780300122442

The Unbounded Home grapples with a core modern reality -- that the value and meaning of a home extend beyond its property lines to schools, shops, parks, services, neighbors, neighborhood aesthetics, and market conditions. The resulting tension between the homeowner’s desire for personal autonomy at home and the impulse to control everything that could affect the home’s value fuels continual conflict among neighbors and communities.  The home’s unbounded nature implicates nearly every facet of residential life, from the financial vulnerability of homeowners to the persistence of segrega
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