Authors:Arindam Ghosh, Gerard Ledwich,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: power, electronics, systems, devices, using, quality, enhancement, custom
Number of Pages: 480
Published: 2002-08-31
List price: $179.00
ISBN-10: 1402071809
ISBN-13: 9781402071805

Power Quality Enhancement Using Custom Power Devices considers the structure, control and performance of series compensating DVR, the shunt DSTATCOM and the shunt with series UPQC for power quality improvement in electricity distribution. Also addressed are other power electronic devices for improving power quality in Solid State Transfer Switches and Fault Current Limiters. Applications for these technologies as they relate to compensating busses supplied by a weak line and for distributed generation connections in rural networks, are included. In depth treatment of inverters to achi

Author: Hassan Bevrani
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: power, electronics, systems, control, frequency, system, robust
Number of Pages: 226
Published: 2009-01-15
List price: $129.00
ISBN-10: 0387848770
ISBN-13: 9780387848778

This book emphasizes the physical and engineering aspects of the power system frequency control design problem while providing a conceptual understanding of frequency regulation and application of robust control techniques. The material develops an appropriate intuition method relative to the robust load frequency regulation problem in real-world power systems, rather than describing mathematical analytical methods. The simplest possible frequency response models and control structures are used for conceptual explanations and practical control design. The book summarizes the author’s long te

Author: J.A. Ferreira
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: power, electronics, systems, converters, electronic, modelling, electromagnetic
Number of Pages: 192
Published: 1989-08-31
List price: $175.00
ISBN-10: 0792390342
ISBN-13: 9780792390343

Author: M.A. Pai
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: power, electronics, systems, stability, system, analysis, energy, function
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 1989-08-31
List price: $295.00
ISBN-10: 0792390350
ISBN-13: 9780792390350

Author: Gerald B. Sheblé
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: power, operation, electronics, systems, industry, computational, mechanisms, restructured, auction
Number of Pages: 360
Published: 1999-03-31
List price: $149.00
ISBN-10: 079238475X
ISBN-13: 9780792384755

`Electric energy must be treated as a commodity which can be bought, sold, and traded, taking into account its time- and space-varying values and costs.` Spot Pricing of Electricity, Schweppe et al, 1988. Computational Auction Mechanisms for Restructured Power Industry Operation outlines the application of auction methods for all aspects of power system operation, primarily for a competitive environment. A complete description of the industry structure as well as the various markets now being formed is given. A thorough introduction to auction basics is included to explain how auctions have g

Author: J. Hampden Dougherty
Publisher: Lawbook Exchange
Keywords: power, judicial, independence, existing, remedies, evils, boundaries, aside, judiciary, federal, over, legislation, origin, laws
Number of Pages: 125
Published: 2004-04
List price: $80.00
ISBN-10: 1584773634
ISBN-13: 9781584773634

Dougherty, J. Hampden. Power of Federal Judiciary Over Legislation. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1912. vii, 125 pp. Reprinted 2004 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. LCCN 2003052769. ISBN 1-58477-363-4. Cloth. * "The modern assailants of judicial power will find little comfort in this volume. It consists mainly in a clear and able presentation of convincing evidence that the power of the courts to override laws repugnant to the spirit of the Constitution was directly contemplated by the framers of that instrument. It is apparent that the author has made a careful study of the Feder

Authors:Hirofumi Akagi, Edson Hirokazu Watanabe, Mauricio Ar
Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press
Keywords: power, press, series, engineering, ieee, conditioning, theory, applications, instantaneous
Number of Pages: 379
Published: 2007-03-09
List price: $115.00
ISBN-10: 0470107618
ISBN-13: 9780470107614

This book presents a deep review of various power theories and shows how the instantaneous active and reactive power theory provides an important basic knowledge for understanding and designing active filters for power conditioning. The only book of its kind, it also demonstrates how the instantaneous active and reactive power theory can be used for combined shunt-series filters and in Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS).
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