Author: Matteo Maria Boiardo
Publisher: Parlor Press
Keywords: orlando, love, innamorato
Number of Pages: 720
Published: 2004-01-05
List price: $40.00
ISBN-10: 1932559019
ISBN-13: 9781932559019

Like Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso and Tasso’s Jerusalem Delivered, Boiardo’s chivalric stories of lords and ladies first entertained the culturally innovative court of Ferrara in the Italian Renaissance. Inventive, humorous, inexhaustible, the story recounts Orlando’s love-stricken pursuit of "the fairest of her Sex, Angelica" (in Milton’s terms) through a fairyland that combines the military valors of Charlemagne’s knights and their famous horses with the enchantments of King Arthur’s court. Today it seems more than ever appropriate to offer a new, un

Authors:Orlando di Lasso, Peter Bergquist,
Publisher: A-R Editions
Keywords: researches, music, renaissance, recent, motets, lasso, complete, orlando
Published: 2001-04
List price: $125.00
ISBN-10: 0895794829
ISBN-13: 9780895794826

Authors:Orlando di Lasso, Peter Bergquist,
Publisher: A-R Editions
Keywords: motets, thesaurus, musicus, nuremberg, voices, four, lasso, complete, orlando, eight
Published: 2002-03
List price: $69.00
ISBN-10: 0895795027
ISBN-13: 9780895795021

Author: Fla.) Experimental Chaos Conference 1999 (Orlando
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
Keywords: florida, june, july, orlando, conference, experimental, chaos, proceedings
Number of Pages: 460
Published: 2001-04
List price: $180.00
ISBN-10: 9810245610
ISBN-13: 9789810245610

Author: Laura Lea Miller
Publisher: For Dummies
Keywords: dummies, orlando, world, disney, walt, amp
Number of Pages: 386
Published: 2007-11-19
List price: $18.99
ISBN-10: 0470134704
ISBN-13: 9780470134702

Walt Disney World includes four theme parks and a dozen lesser attractions, two entertainment districts, tens of thousands of hotel rooms, and scores of restaurants. Universal Orlando and SeaWorld add another four theme parks, three resorts, and an entertainment district to the mix. So how do you know where to go? This friendly guide puts you in a Mouse mood and in the know. From Terminator 2 to Shrek or Shamu, wild life to nightlife, Finding Nemo to finding souvenirs, it gives you great info on accommodations, restaurants, attractions, and more, covering: Disney’s ticket system a

Publisher: Insight Guides
Keywords: walt, orlando, resort, amp, world, disney, guide, insight, city
Number of Pages: 297
Published: 2002-12-01
List price: $22.95
ISBN-10: 9812348697
ISBN-13: 9789812348692

This guide includes a section detailing city’s history, three features covering the practicalities of the park, ranging from survival strategies to the business of pleasure, a visitor’s guide to the sights, and a comprehensive Travel Tips section packed with essential contact addresses and numbers. It also includes hundreds of photographs and 18 maps.

Author: Orlando Ferrand
Publisher: PublishAmerica
Keywords: citywalker
Number of Pages: 90
Published: 2010-04-05
List price: $19.95
ISBN-10: 144899196X
ISBN-13: 9781448991969

Citywalker tells the story of a man’s journey rediscovering his identity, his sexuality and ethnicity. The quest for love and acceptance is multilayered in New York where everything is possible. Touched by the encounter with others, surrounded by high rises, bridges, intertwined highways, subway trains, the sound of sirens, club music, and the waves of the Hudson River…from the East to the West Village, gaining momentum as in a circuit party, he revisits universal archetypes in the bohemian lifestyle of a myriad of characters and dramatic situations, coexisting with flashbacks to h
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