Authors:Alla Borisyuk, G. Bard Ermentrout, Avner Friedman,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: mathematical, biosciences, mathematics, subseries, notes, neuroscience, tutorials, lecture
Number of Pages: 170
Published: 2005-04-06
List price: $74.95
ISBN-10: 3540238581
ISBN-13: 9783540238584

This volume introduces some basic theories on computational neuroscience. Chapter 1 is a brief introduction to neurons, tailored to the subsequent chapters. Chapter 2 is a self-contained introduction to dynamical systems and the bifurcation theory, oriented toward neuronal dynamics. The theory is illustrated with a model of Parkinson’s disease. Chapter 3 reviews the theory of coupled neural oscillators observed ghroughout the nervous systems at all levels; it describes how oscillations arise, what pattern they take, and how they depend on excitory of inhibitory synaptic connections. Chap

Authors:James Sneyd, R. Bertram, J.L. Greenstein, R. Hinch, E.
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: mathematical, biosciences, lecture, notes, subseries, transduction, mathematics, dynamics, modeling, calcium, tutorials, signal
Number of Pages: 202
Published: 2005-08-11
List price: $59.95
ISBN-10: 3540254390
ISBN-13: 9783540254393

This book presents a series of models in the general area of cell physiology and signal transduction, with particular attention being paid to intracellular calcium dynamics, and the role played by calcium in a variety of cell types. Calcium plays a crucial role in cell physiology, and the study of its dynamics lends insight into many different cellular processes. In particular, calcium plays a central role in muscular contraction, olfactory transduction and synaptic communication, three of the topics to be addressed in detail in this book. In addition to the models,  much of the underlying ph

Author: Francis Bonahon
Publisher: American Mathematical Society
Keywords: mathematical, student, library, city, subseries, park, ias, low, dimensional, geometry
Number of Pages: 391
Published: 2009-08-05
List price: $54.00
ISBN-10: 082184816X
ISBN-13: 9780821848166

The study of 3-dimensional spaces brings together elements from several areas of mathematics. The most notable are topology and geometry, but elements of number theory and analysis also make appearances. In the past 30 years, there have been striking developments in the mathematics of 3-dimensional manifolds. This book aims to introduce undergraduate students to some of these important developments. Low-Dimensional Geometry starts at a relatively elementary level, and its early chapters can be used as a brief introduction to hyperbolic geometry. However, the ultimate goal is to describe the ve

Authors:Na¡lah Suad Nasir, Paul Cobb,
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: learning, mathematical, thinking, studies, issue, special, equity, diversity, double
Number of Pages: 288
Published: 2002-08-01
List price: $52.95
ISBN-10: 0805896627
ISBN-13: 9780805896626

The articles developed for this special issue of Mathematical Thinking and Learning grew out of a series of two meetings held at Vanderbilt University in November 1999 and Northwestern University in September 2000. As a group, the six articles in this special issue have the potential to help us reframe issues of equity in mathematics education and to enrich understandings of the process by which "diverse" learners experience mathematics education. Some of these articles are theoretical in orientation and offer insights to how the sociocultural approach to equity in math education might be deve

Authors:Ricardo Weder, Pavel Exner, Benoit Grebert,
Publisher: American Mathematical Society
Keywords: mathematical, quantum, mechanics, results, american, society, universidad, conference, proceedings, qmath, december
Number of Pages: 350
Published: 2002-11
List price: $98.00
ISBN-10: 0821829009
ISBN-13: 9780821829004

This book contains contributions presented at the conference, ’QMath-8: Mathematical Results in Quantum Mechanics’, held at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico in December 2001. The articles cover a wide range of mathematical problems and focus on various aspects of quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, and nuclear physics. Topics vary from spectral properties of the Schrodinger equation of various quantum systems to the analysis of quantum computation algorithms. The book is suitable for graduate students and research mathematicians interested in the mathematical aspects of

Author: Valery B. Nevzorov
Publisher: American Mathematical Society
Keywords: mathematical, monographs, translations, theory, records
Number of Pages: 164
Published: 2000-10-24
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0821819453
ISBN-13: 9780821819456

This volume is based on a course of lectures delivered at the St. Petersburg State University (Russia) and at Ohio State University (Columbus). It is intended as a textbook for graduate students and postdocs. The book presents the theory of records and some information on order statistics. Also included are exercises illustrating the examples and developing the ideas. The past 20 years has seen tremendous progress in the topic, giving forth a large number of new models that reflect the dynamics of records in a wide range of areas. This volume presents systematic main results with a special emp

Authors:W. J. Kaczor, M. T. Nowak,
Publisher: American Mathematical Society
Keywords: mathematical, vol, library, analysis, problems, student
Number of Pages: 398
Published: 2001-06
List price: $54.00
ISBN-10: 0821820516
ISBN-13: 9780821820513

We learn by doing. We learn mathematics by doing problems. And we learn more mathematics by doing more problems. This is the sequel to Problems in Mathematical Analysis I (Volume 4 in the Student Mathematical Library series). If you want to hone your understanding of continuous and differentiable functions, this book contains hundreds of problems to help you do so. The emphasis here is on real functions of a single variable. Topics include: continuous functions, the intermediate value property, uniform continuity, mean value theorems, Taylors formula, convex functions, sequences and s
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