Author: Gerda Kleijkamp
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: family, law, influence, dutch, states, american, constitution, rights, convention, interests, life, comparative, study, european, human
Number of Pages: 416
Published: 1999-09-23
List price: $246.00
ISBN-10: 9041111360
ISBN-13: 9789041111364

The purpose of this comparative study is three-fold. Firstly, it offers an analysis of and a comparison between the application and interpretation of Article 8 (often in conjunction with the anti-discrimination principle of Article 14) of the European Convention of Human Rights and the application and interpretation of the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution, in particular with regard to family law. Secondly, it compares and analyses the answers to the specific questions regarding circumstances under which a legal pare

Author: Sue Bryant
Publisher: Frommers
Keywords: family, frommers, series, villages, beaches, cyprus, frommer, mountain
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 2009-01-27
List price: $18.99
ISBN-10: 0470723181
ISBN-13: 9780470723180

This is the definitive guide to Cyprus for families. Full colour, practical and accessible it is written for independently minded UK families looking to make the most of their family holiday. Cyprus With Your Family highlights the best opportunities for families in the region and offer expert opinion on where to stay, where to eat and where to spend your holiday time enjoyably. The guide includes: Best Natural Attractions, Best Beaches, Best Outdoor Activities, Best Museums, Best Hikes, Best Water Park, Best for Teenagers Family friendly accommodation and eating for ever

Author: Quentin J Fleming
Publisher: Fireside
Keywords: family, sins, destroy, businesses, deadly, seven, baggage, business, avoiding
Number of Pages: 336
Published: 2000-02-29
List price: $20.99
ISBN-10: 0684856042
ISBN-13: 9780684856049

Family businesses epitomize the best of the American Dream: you work hard, you’re your own boss, you leave a lasting legacy to your children -- or do you? Statistics show that only 30% of family businesses survive to the second generation, and a paltry 10% survive to the third generation. Family businesses are in trouble, and their survival is crucial to us all. Their success ensures our country’s success -- and their failure can drastically affect our economic health. In Keep the Family Baggage Out of the Family Business, family business expert Quentin Fleming has identified

Author: James E. Hughes Jr.
Publisher: Bloomberg Press
Keywords: family, intellectual, financial, assets, generations, human, preserve, wealth, keeping, members, advisers
Number of Pages: 240
Published: 2004-05
List price: $39.95
ISBN-10: 157660151X
ISBN-13: 9781576601518

This is the landmark book that changed the way exceptional families think about their heritage, their wealth, and their legacy to future generations - now revised and expanded. Charles W. Collier, Senior Philanthropic Adviser at Harvard University, hails this as, "A masterpiece. No one is more astute than Jay Hughes about the topics of family wealth and family life."

Authors:John Witte Jr., M. Christian Green, Amy Wheeler,
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
Keywords: family, theological, ethics, religion, practical, marriage, don, regard, friendly, critics, equal, browning
Number of Pages: 306
Published: 2007-10-17
List price: $34.00
ISBN-10: 080284569X
ISBN-13: 9780802845696

Author: John L. Ward Craig E. Aronoff
Publisher: Business Owner Resources
Keywords: family, business, leadership, series, maximizing, governance, potential
Number of Pages: 64
Published: 1996
List price: $21.95
ISBN-10: 0965101185
ISBN-13: 9780965101189

Families in business together have an especially powerful motivation to govern themselves well-- vast and profound shared interests that often include large capital investment, future family employment prospects and the image of a family business in its community. Yet many business-owning families drift unconsciously into haphazard or destructive patterns of decisionmaking and communication that can threaten and even destroy the family and the business. Effective governance can counter those destructive patterns. It can empower leaders of the business and the family to make th

Authors:A.K. David, D.M. Phillips, J.E. Scherger, S.A. Fields
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: family, medicine, fundamentals, clerkship, med, textbook
Number of Pages: 608
Published: 2003-01-14
List price: $69.95
ISBN-10: 0387954791
ISBN-13: 9780387954790

Fundamentals of Family Medicine, Third Edition, describes the current approach to common problems in family practice. The book tells how family physicians provide high-quality, comprehensive, and ongoing health care for patients and families, based on current evidence and time-tested methods in clinical practice. The book is intended to be a reference source for the care of diseases family physicians are likely to see and as the course textbook for medical students in family medicine clerkships in medical school. Clinical scenarios that include case studies and questions for group discu
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