Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: development, economics, global, conventional, comparison, environment, economic, sustainable
Number of Pages: 160
Published: 1995-04-16
List price: $82.95
ISBN-10: 0720122678
ISBN-13: 9780720122671

This text explores the relationship between sustainable development and development economics. Development economics since World War II has been largely concerned with how non-Western countries can attain self-generation growth and broadly based economic and social progress. The central theme of the book is the way in which the environment and sustainability can be integrated into development strategies - a theme which is increasingly regarded as essential for progress in the future. Government intervention should be designed to prevent economic activity from overwhelming environmental capacit

Author: Watershed Development Coordina
Publisher: Concept Publishing Co
Keywords: development, watershed, danida, workship, international, proceeding, capacity, fifth
Number of Pages: 359
Published: 2004-12-01
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 8180691357
ISBN-13: 9788180691355

Authors:Richard Black, Howard White,
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: development, routledge, studies, economics, goals, millennium, critical, perspectives, targeting
Number of Pages: 384
Published: 2006-06-13
List price: $65.00
ISBN-10: 0415394651
ISBN-13: 9780415394659

The Millennium Development Goals accepted by the UN in 2000 are, along with the targets set by the OECD in 1996 the subject of this expertly written book.  It asks and answers questions such as: Is development achievable in the time frames given?  How useful were the goals in the first place?  How far have we come in solving the aching problems of the developing world? This impressive collection featuring an array of respected contributors and a preface from Mark Malloch Brown of the UNDP, will be required reading among development economists and those interested in development studi

Authors:Caroline O. N. Moser, Annika Tornqvist, Bernice Van
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: development, socially, sustainable, series, environmentally, social, progress, gender, world, bank, mainstreaming, recommendations
Number of Pages: 38
Published: 1999-01
List price: $22.00
ISBN-10: 0821342622
ISBN-13: 9780821342626

Publisher: New Dawn Press
Keywords: development, thinking, positive, personality
Number of Pages: 96
Published: 2004-02-01
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 1932705112
ISBN-13: 9781932705119

Author: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Keywords: human, development, mobility, barriers, report, overcoming
Number of Pages: 265
Published: 2009-10-15
List price: $43.00
ISBN-10: 0230239048
ISBN-13: 9780230239043

Migration, both behind and beyond borders, has become an increasingly prominent issue in domestic and international debates. The HDR09 proposes to address this theme, exploring how the movement of people can expand human capabilities and entitlements, and how to address the underlying inequalities and distortions which limit the potential gains.

Authors:Amar Rughani, Stephen Dixon, Chris Franklin,
Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing Ltd
Keywords: development, professional, continuing, radcliffe, approach, new, plans, dentists, personal
Number of Pages: 232
Published: 2003-12-01
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 1857759176
ISBN-13: 9781857759174

Personal development plans are fundamental for continuing professional development. This book provides information on how PDPs should be written and implemented. It looks at how dentists can determine their educational needs and how they can address them using PDPs. This is a resource book which can either be read from cover to cover, or dipped into whenever needed.
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