Author: B. Tomas Astrom
Publisher: CRC Press
Keywords: composites, polymer, manufacturing
Number of Pages: 469
Published: 1997-09-13
List price: $87.95
ISBN-10: 0748770763
ISBN-13: 9780748770762

The potential application areas for polymer composites are vast. While techniques and methodologies for composites design are relatively well established, the knowledge and understanding of post-design issues lag far behind. This leads to designs and eventually composites with disappointing properties and unnecessarily high cost, thus impeding a wider industrial acceptance of polymer composites. Manufacturing of Polymer Composites completely covers pre- and post-design issues. While the book enables students to become fully comfortable with composites as a possible materials choice, it also pr

Author: Walter Federer
Publisher: CRC Press
Keywords: composites, ceramics, handbook
Number of Pages: 664
Published: 1990-04-09
List price: $344.95
ISBN-10: 0824780051
ISBN-13: 9780824780050

Author: A. A. Watts
Publisher: Astm Intl
Keywords: stp, composites, advanced, opportunities, commercial
Published: 1980-06
List price: $13.50
ISBN-10: 0803103026
ISBN-13: 9780803103023

Author: Jamal Y. Sheikh-Ahmad
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: composites, polymer, machining
Number of Pages: 230
Published: 2008-12-02
List price: $119.00
ISBN-10: 0387355391
ISBN-13: 9780387355399

Machining of Polymer Matrix Composites will serve as an indispensable reference/source book for process design, tool and production engineers in composite manufacturing. This book provides the reader with a comprehensive scientific treatment of the theory of machining as it applies to fiber reinforced polymer composites, covers the latest technical advances in the area of machining and tooling and discusses the applications of fiber reinforced polymer composites as they are used in the aircraft and automotive manufacturing industries.

Authors:N. Tucker,  K. Lindsey,
Publisher: Smithers Rapra Pre
Keywords: composites, automotive, introduction
Number of Pages: 206
Published: 2002-01-01
List price: $144.00
ISBN-10: 1859572790
ISBN-13: 9781859572795

Composites are being used more and more in the automotive industry, because of their strength, weight, quality and cost advantages. In 1998-1999, to further knowledge of composites, the Rover Group in conjunction with the Warwick Manufacturing Group devised a Composite Awareness course. This book is an updated and expanded version of the course notes. This book is intended to give readers an appreciation of composites, materials properties, manufacturing technologies and the wider implications of using composites in the automotive sector. It will be useful for those already working with compos

Authors:A. Bogdanovich, C. Pastore,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: composites, laminated, textile, mechanics
Number of Pages: 570
Published: 1996-08-31
List price: $345.00
ISBN-10: 0412611503
ISBN-13: 9780412611506

Mechanics of Textile and Laminated Composites is in three parts. The first part (Chapters 1 and 2) covers the fundamental issues of 3-D theory of elasticity and presents the theory of elasticity of an anisotropic body with comprehensive analysis of its specific cases. The second part (Chapters 3-5) presents the theoretical and experimental characterization of the elastic properties of unidirectional, textile and layered composite materials. The final part (Chapters 6 and 7) addresses the problems of 3-D stress analysis in laminated and textile composite structures. Major emphasis is placed on

Author: R. B. Seymour
Publisher: VSP Book
Keywords: polymer, science, concepts, new, composites, polymeric
Number of Pages: 194
Published: 1990-12-01
List price: $160.00
ISBN-10: 9067641219
ISBN-13: 9789067641210
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