Author: Caroline Baillie
Publisher: CRC Press
Keywords: composites, environment, polymer
Number of Pages: 308
Published: 2005-03-08
List price: $249.95
ISBN-10: 0849325765
ISBN-13: 9780849325762

With an internationally recognized team of contributors, Green Composites examines fibre reinforced polymer composite production and explains how environmental footprints can be diminished at every stage of the life cycle. The introductory chapters examine why green composites should be considered. The book then discusses properties of cellulose and wood. It examines recyclable synthetic fibre-thermoplastic composites as alternatives, then covers polymers derived from natural sources. The text details the factors that influence properties, and considers clean processing, applications, recyclin

Author: Robert C. Creese
Publisher: CRC Press
Keywords: composites, economic, development, renewal, infrastructure, applications, polymer
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 2001-11-13
List price: $167.95
ISBN-10: 0849313414
ISBN-13: 9780849313417

Based on polymer conferences held in 1999 and 2001, Polymer Composites II: Composites Applications in Infrastructure Renewal and Economic Development is a collection of status reports, success stories, and new opportunities from specific composite applications in infrastructure renewal that provide insight to the resulting economic development and effects. This volume brings together multidisciplinary experts involved with polymer composites who validate their design, construction, and performance and present the role that composites play in infrastructure renewal, detail the technical and re

Author: Composites Institute
Publisher: CRC Press
Keywords: fourth, composites, introduction, spi
Number of Pages: 90
Published: 1998-01-16
List price: $69.95
ISBN-10: 1566766591
ISBN-13: 9781566766593

Author: Leon L. Mishnaevsky Jr
Publisher: Wiley-Interscience
Keywords: composites, strength, damage, microstructures, resistance, analysis, mesomechanics, numerical, computational, effect
Number of Pages: 294
Published: 2007-09-24
List price: $160.00
ISBN-10: 0470027649
ISBN-13: 9780470027646

Mechanical properties of composite materials can be improved by tailoring their microstructures. Optimal microstructures of composites, which ensure desired properties of composite materials, can be determined in computational experiments. The subject of this book is the computational analysis of interrelations between mechanical properties (e.g., strength, damage resistance stiffness) and microstructures of composites. The methods of mesomechanics of composites are reviewed, and applied to the modelling of the mechanical behaviour of different groups of composites. Individual chapters are dev

Author: Robert C. Creese and Hota GangaRaoRobert C. Crees
Publisher: DEStech Publications, Inc.
Keywords: composites, novel, applications, defense, transportation, iii, polymer, infrastructure
Number of Pages: 211
Published: 2004-04-01
List price: $49.50
ISBN-10: 1932078355
ISBN-13: 9781932078350

Author: A G Gibson
Publisher: Woodhead Publishing
Keywords: composites, september, reinforced, university, newcastle, tyne, fibre, conference, millennium, proceedings, eighth, international, frc
Number of Pages: 656
Published: 2000-09-11
List price: $315.00
ISBN-10: 1855735504
ISBN-13: 9781855735507

This volume presents the papers from the eighth in this successful series of conferences organised by the Centre for Composite Materials Engineering of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and The Institute of Materials.

Author: American Soc for Composites
Publisher: CRC Press
Keywords: proceedings, eighth, composites, society, american
Number of Pages: 1160
Published: 1993-10-15
List price: $199.95
ISBN-10: 1566761034
ISBN-13: 9781566761031
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