Authors:Koen Vleminckx, Timothy M Smeeding,
Publisher: Policy Press
Keywords: child, nations, modern, policy, poverty
Number of Pages: 592
Published: 2001-02-23
List price: $39.95
ISBN-10: 1861342535
ISBN-13: 9781861342539

The recent UNICEF report on child poverty found that some 47 million children in ’rich’ countries live in families so poor that their health and well-being are at risk. In Britain, 20% of young people live below the poverty line, compared with just 5% in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Child poverty and the well-being of children is an important policy issue throughout the industrialised world. This volume brings together economists, sociologists and social policy analysts from America, Australia, and Europe, who have been studying the extent of child poverty, its consequenc

Authors:Carl Pickhardt, Vince Iannelli,
Publisher: Adams Media
Keywords: child, tailor, parenting, techniques, needs, understand, strong, willed, personality
Number of Pages: 224
Published: 2008-11-17
List price: $6.95
ISBN-10: 1598697633
ISBN-13: 9781598697636

Many parents of strong-willed children feel inadequate or like they’re doing something wrong. But this isn’t true! Although strong-willed children do present a unique challenge, it is possible for Mom and Dad to tailor parenting practices and actually enjoy their time with the kids. Written by two distinguished parenting authorities, this book offers specific advice on the serious problems that face so many parents. Finally readers can relax, as they learn how to: regain control of their family; reap the benefits of healthy communication; discipline to teach, not to punish; resolve

Author: Charlotte Hardwick
Publisher: Pale Horse Publishing
Keywords: child, custody, people, serious, welfare, system, source, war, win, book
Number of Pages: 753
Published: 2008-01-31
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 1587471043
ISBN-13: 9781587471049

Win Your Child Custody War: Child Custody Help Source Book--A How-To System for People Serious About the Welfare of Their Child

Author: Webster Watnik
Publisher: Single Parent Press
Keywords: child, custody, laws, support, simple, made, understanding
Number of Pages: 584
Published: 2003-04
List price: $21.95
ISBN-10: 0964940434
ISBN-13: 9780964940437

"Child Custody Made Simple" is a thorough, comprehensive guide to the laws of child custody and child support throughout the United States. This is the second edition. The first edition won two books awards—the Benjamin Franklin Award (parenting) and the Writers Digest National Competition (nonfiction). The second edition has been completely revised and updated, and the author has added more than 150 pages of new material. "Child Custody Made Simple" explains child custody and child support law in detail. An extensive appendix also covers the laws in every state. Watnik supports the

Authors:Lela B. Costin, Howard Jacob Karger, David Stoesz,
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Keywords: child, welfare, policy, research, practice, series, america, politics, abuse
Number of Pages: 208
Published: 1997-02-27
List price: $50.00
ISBN-10: 0195116682
ISBN-13: 9780195116687

Child abuse policy in the United States contains dangerous contradictions, which have only intensified as the public slowly accepted it as a middle class problem. One contradiction is the rapidly expanding child abuse industry (made up of enterprising psychotherapists and attorneys) which is consuming enormous resources, while thousands of poor children are seriously injured or killed, many while being "protected" by public agencies. This "rediscovery" has also led to the frenzied pursuit of offenders, resulting in the sacrifice of some innocent people. Moreover, the media’s focus on the

Authors:Willard W. Hartup, Richard A. Weinberg,
Publisher: Psychology Press
Keywords: child, psychology, minnesota, development, symposia, series, institute, 75th, retrospect, prospect, celebration, anniversary
Number of Pages: 296
Published: 2002-04-01
List price: $90.00
ISBN-10: 0805839712
ISBN-13: 9780805839715

This 32nd volume of the Minnesota Symposium on Child Psychology celebrates the 75th anniversary of the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Child Development. All eight essays are devoted to developmental science, its history, and current status. Taken together, the chapters in this book show how the history of science connects past and future, how it gives the individual investigator an identity and sense of purpose, how contemporary studies occur within larger traditions, and how institutions like the Institute of Child Development, constitute cultural traditions of their own. Coll

Author: Ann Cook
Publisher: Career Pr Inc
Keywords: child, math, develop, school, techniques, child’s, assessment, skills
Number of Pages: 191
Published: 1997-08
List price: $9.99
ISBN-10: 1564143023
ISBN-13: 9781564143020
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