Author: B. A. Cheap
Publisher: Adams Media
Keywords: beer, budget, taste, champagne, guide, wine, cheap
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 2006-09-17
List price: $9.95
ISBN-10: 159869085X
ISBN-13: 9781598690859

Did you know that boxed wine keeps longer than expensive bottled wine? Or that inexpensive wine, paired with the right food, can have a better taste than pricey bottles? And the screwcaps you find on bargain jugged wine enhances flavor for longer periods of time than corks, giving you more for your money? With Mr. Cheap’s Guide to Wine, you will learn how, why, and which inexpensive wines can be as good, if not better, than their pricier counterparts! This engaging and informative guide briefs you on all the secrets of bargain hunting, including: The best wines you can get for $

Author: Lee Atkinson
Publisher: Frommers
Keywords: dirt, cheap, amp, free, frommer, sydney
Number of Pages: 296
Published: 2010-05-24
List price: $17.99
ISBN-10: 174216966X
ISBN-13: 9781742169668

Written by a local expert author, Sydney Free and Dirt Cheap targets not only tourists looking for a budget-minded travel guide but also locals who are eager to discover Sydney’s secret deals. This outspoken guide is packed with free and dirt-cheap ways to get the most out of Sydney without emptying your wallet...from food, drinks, and entertainment to shopping, events, classes, cultural experinces and more.

Author: Charles Mattocks
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: cheap
Number of Pages: 224
Published: 2009-04-13
List price: $18.95
ISBN-10: 0470293365
ISBN-13: 9780470293362

Over 120 delicious ways to slash your weekly food bill If you’re looking for easy ways to feed your family on a budget, then this cookbook is for you. Appearing on TV as "The Poor Chef," Charles Mattocks has spent years demonstrating that it’s possible to serve up healthy, tasty meals for only $7.00—or less. Now, in this practical cookbook, Charles collects the all-time best penny-pinching recipes from his television appearances. Contributed by real cooks around the country and inspired by cuisines around the globe, the recipes you’ll find inside have only two thing

Author: Daisann McLane
Publisher: Taschen
Keywords: hotels, cheap
Number of Pages: 192
Published: 2002-09-01
List price: $19.99
ISBN-10: 3822814407
ISBN-13: 9783822814406

Travel ecstasy I spent four years on the road, staying in more than 200 budget hotels from Berlin to Bali, and took photos of my rooms before I turned down the covers every night. Along the way, I discovered that travel ecstasy usually increases in inverse proportion to your hotel bill. Cheap Hotels is a quirky memoir of a life lived under hideous bedspreads, a guide to choosing inexpensive hotels that embody the spirit of a place. Those who fear that travel has become a sterile, globalized experience will enjoy seeing the world through this eclectic parade of rooms from the charming li

Author: Joshua Leavitt
Publisher: Echo Library
Keywords: postage, cheap
Number of Pages: 84
Published: 2009-09-14
List price: $11.90
ISBN-10: 1406894168
ISBN-13: 9781406894165

Pamphlet produced in 1849 when Leavitt was Secretary of the Boston Cheap Postage Association.

Author: Timothy Remus
Publisher: Wolfgang Publications, Inc.
Keywords: chopper, cheap, build
Number of Pages: 144
Published: 2004-06-21
List price: $27.95
ISBN-10: 1929133170
ISBN-13: 9781929133178

Choppers dont have to cost thirty thousand dollars. In fact, a chopper built at home can be had for as little as five thousand dollars. The key is the use of a donor bike for most of the components. How to Build a Cheap Chopper documents the construction of four inexpensive choppers with complete start-to-finish photo sequences. Least expensive is the metric chopper, based on a 1970s vintage Japanese four-cylinder engine and transmission installed in a hardtail frame. Dont look for billet accessories or a fancy candy paint job on this one. Next up, price wise, are two bikes built using Bue

Author: John Compton Sundman
Publisher: Rosalita Associates
Keywords: devices, complex, cheap
Number of Pages: 120
Published: 2002-08-26
List price: $11.00
ISBN-10: 192975230X
ISBN-13: 9781929752300

Winners of the inaugural Hofstadter Prize for machine-written narrative, these artificially constructed stories represent the future of post-human fiction.
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