Author: Donald Kenrick
Publisher: University Of Hertfordshire Press
Keywords: chapter, interface, collection, war, second, gypsies, final, world
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 2006-09-01
List price: $29.95
ISBN-10: 1902806492
ISBN-13: 9781902806495

As the third and concluding volume of the series, this work examines the persecution of the Gypsy people in Hungary, Norway, Slovakia and Yugoslavia during World War II, together with Switzerland’s policy towards refugees. It also looks at the intertwined fates of the Jews and the Gypsies. Included in the coverage is an overview of the events following 1945—reparations and the postwar trials. Various methodologies associated with research and writings about the Holocaust are also discussed.

Author: Lawrence Gordon
Publisher: Learning Solutions
Keywords: chapter, executive, summaries, solutions, problems, supplement, plus, accounting, concepts, empirical, evidence, managerial
Number of Pages: 544
Published: 2005-11-15
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0073270687
ISBN-13: 9780073270685

Provides a concise and insightful description of the concepts underlying managerial accounting. Through empirical evidence, demonstrates the way real organizations utilize managerial accounting concepts to enhance their value. Considers the relations among managerial accounting, economics and organization theory. Discusses the role of managerial accounting in an information-based economy. Executive summary of each chapter available in English and Chinese. Written by one of the world’s most productive and influential managerial accounting scholars.

Authors:Luca Crispi, Sarn Slote,
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press
Keywords: chapter, irish, studies, literature, culture, guide, genetic, wrote, finnegans, wake, joyce
Number of Pages: 544
Published: 2008-03-06
List price: $39.95
ISBN-10: 0299218643
ISBN-13: 9780299218645

In this landmark study of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, Luca Crispi and Sam Slote have brought together fourteen other leading Joyce experts in a genetic guide to one of the twentieth century’s most intriguing works of fiction. Each essay approaches Finnegans Wake through novel perspectives afforded by Joyce’s preparatory manuscripts. By investigating a work through its manuscripts, genetic criticism both grounds speculative interpretations in an historical, material context and opens up a broader horizon for critical and textual interpretation.The introduction by Luca Crispi, Sam Slote,

Authors:Charles T. Horngren, Walter T. Harrison,
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Keywords: financial, chapter, accounting, managerial, amp
Number of Pages: 800
Published: 2007-03-10
List price: $144.00
ISBN-10: 0136143016
ISBN-13: 9780136143017

The Demo Docs System of instruction replicates the classroom experience by providing more “I get it” moments outside of class.We’ve talked to tons of POA instructors and our editors have even taken the accounting course (numerous times!) to figure out the following issue in this course that is consistent:  Students understand (or “get it”) right after you do a problem in class, but as soon as they leave class, with each passing hour, their ability to do the problems again and complete their homework diminishes to the point of them either having to come to office hours to get help, o

Author: Stephen Krensky
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Keywords: arthur, chapter, books, book, marc, comet, crisis, brown
Number of Pages: 54
Published: 2002-09-01
List price: $4.25
ISBN-10: 0316121991
ISBN-13: 9780316121996

Two new chapter books feature Arthur and his friends for fans ready to read on their own. Each book features longer Arthur Adventures at a third-grade reading level, which has been vetted by a reading specialist, and has loads of kid appeal. Arthur is in top form as he tries to convince the Brain not to give up his smarts and teams up with Buster to help him warn everyone of a comet collision. Arthur fans will want to read and collect these new chapter books!

Publisher: Stationery Office
Keywords: chapter, pensions
Number of Pages: 381
Published: 2004-12-01
List price: $130.00
ISBN-10: 010543504X
ISBN-13: 9780105435044

Publisher: Dharma Realm Buddhist Association
Keywords: chapter, enlightenment, bright
Number of Pages: 225
Published: 2003-01
List price: $7.95
ISBN-10: 0881390054
ISBN-13: 9780881390056
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