Authors:Pier Luigi Luisi, Pasquale Stano,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: cell, functionality, origin, biophysics, minimal, compartment
Number of Pages: 298
Published: 2010-11-02
List price: $189.00
ISBN-10: 9048199433
ISBN-13: 9789048199433

In the last ten years there has been a considerable increase of interest on the notion of the minimal cell. With this term we usually mean a cell-like structure containing the minimal and sufficient number of components to be defined as alive, or at least capable of displaying some of the fundamental functions of a living cell. In fact, when we look at extant living cells we realize that thousands of molecules are organized spatially and functionally in order to realize what we call cellular life. This fact elicits the question whether such huge complexity is a necessary condition for life, or

Author: J.R. Bartles
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Keywords: cell, biology, molecular, volume, polarity, advances
Number of Pages: 270
Published: 1998-09-08
List price: $169.95
ISBN-10: 0762303816
ISBN-13: 9780762303816

Few cells conform to the stereotype of the spherical blob hastily scribbled on chalkboards and, regrettably, sometimes even displayed prominently in textbooks. Instead, real cells display a remarkable degree of structural and functional asymmetry. In modern cell biological parlance, this asymmetry has come to be lumped under the general heading of "cell polarity". Cell polarity is by no means restricted to the cells of tissues and organs, but can also be displayed by cells that lead a more solitary existence. The amazing extent to which cell morphology is correlated with function has long been

Author: Tom P. Fleming
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Keywords: cell, series, approach, practical, interactions
Number of Pages: 288
Published: 2002-02-07
List price: $99.00
ISBN-10: 0199638632
ISBN-13: 9780199638635

The book comprises ten chapters written by experts in the field on cell-cell interactions and their role in biology and medicine. Cell-cell interactions are the means by which cells are able to communicate, transfer information, develop spatial awareness and coordinate their differentiation. The ten areas have been selected for their breadth and relevance to modern research scientists where cell-cell interactions have been shown to play a critical role in biological processes. Chapters include methodologies for specialised cell types (keratinocytes, leukocytes, neurons, endothelial cells), spe

Author: Mohamed Al-Rubeai
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: cell, engineering, line, development
Number of Pages: 253
Published: 2009-09-09
List price: $189.00
ISBN-10: 9048122449
ISBN-13: 9789048122448

Mammalian cell lines command an effective monopoly for the production of therapeutic proteins that require post-translational modifications. This unique advantage outweighs the costs associated with mammalian cell culture, which are far grater in terms of development time and manufacturing when compared to microbial culture. The development of cell lines has undergone several advances over the years, essentially to meet the requirement to cut the time and costs associated with using such a complex hosts as production platforms. This book provides a comprehensive guide to the methodology invol

Author: Minoru Fukuda
Publisher: CRC Press
Keywords: cell, development, surface, carbohydrates
Number of Pages: 352
Published: 1991-12-13
List price: $417.00
ISBN-10: 0849364353
ISBN-13: 9780849364358

Cell Surface Carbohydrates and Cell Development summarizes knowledge on the structure and function of cell surface carbohydrates in development and differentiation. The chapters include reviews on the expression of cell type-specific carbohydrates and their roles in cell-cell interaction. In particular, the role of cell surface carbohydrates in immune cell response, malignant transformation, fertilization, and neural cell development are addressed. This includes the exciting discovery about the role of adhesive molecules in leukocyte-endothellium interaction.Cell Surface Carbohydrates and Cel

Author: Yoshihito Yawata
Publisher: Wiley-VCH
Keywords: cell, model, blood, red, membrane
Number of Pages: 454
Published: 2003-05-07
List price: $240.00
ISBN-10: 3527304630
ISBN-13: 9783527304639

This publication presents the structure and function of biological membranes to improve the understanding of cells in both normal and pathogenic states. Recently, vast amounts of new information have been accumulated, especially about pathological conditions, and there is now much evidence correlating genotypes and phenotypes in normal and disease states. This book surveys the most recent findings in research on the molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics of the membranes of human red blood cells.

Author: Michael Whitaker
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Keywords: cell, biology, molecular, volume, cycle, advances
Number of Pages: 236
Published: 1996-04-03
List price: $169.95
ISBN-10: 1559389494
ISBN-13: 9781559389495

There has been an enormous advance in our understanding of the regulation of the cell division cycle in the last five years. The leap in understanding has centered on the cell cycle control protein p34cdc2 and its congeners and on the cyclins. The most important insight to emerge has been that cell cycle control mechanisms and their participating proteins are very well-conserved through evolution. This has created a spectacular growth in knowledge as data from one organism have been readily applied to another. In this volume, there are sea urchin and frog eggs, as well as mammalian cells and y
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