Author: Robert M. Grant
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: cases, text, analysis, strategy, contemporary
Number of Pages: 944
Published: 2010-04-05
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0470747099
ISBN-13: 9780470747094

NEW! Combined Text & Cases Version Considered by many to be the best textbook on Strategy, Contemporary Strategy Analysis 7th edition builds on the strengths of previous editions by introducing students to the core concepts and principles of strategy. In this most accessible strategy text, Robert M. Grant combines clarity of exposition with concentration on the fundamentals of value creation and an emphasis on practicality. In this seventh edition, a greater focus on strategy implementation reflects the needs of firms to reconcile scale economies with entrepreneurial flexibil

Author: Barbara A. Perry
Publisher: University Press of Kansas
Keywords: cases, amp, american, society, law, landmark, affirmative, action, michigan
Number of Pages: 210
Published: 2007-09-17
List price: $16.95
ISBN-10: 0700615490
ISBN-13: 9780700615490

In its controversial Bakke decision of 1978, the Supreme Court upheld racial and ethnic diversity in university admissions - but it was not to be the last word on the matter. When Jennifer Gratz and Barbara Grutter challenged the University of Michigan’s admission policies because they were passed over in favor of ostensibly less-qualified minority applicants, the Court was once again compelled to address affirmative action. Barbara Perry takes readers behind the scenes to tell the riveting story of how the two rejected applicants allied with conservative interest groups in an attempt to

Author: Felix B. Tan
Publisher: IGI Global
Keywords: cases, information, technology, series, pitfalls, success, global, applications, management
Number of Pages: 324
Published: 2002-02-01
List price: $74.98
ISBN-10: 1930708165
ISBN-13: 9781930708167

As organizations prepare to compete globally in the new millennium, the effective deployment and exploitation of IT will create the difference between those that are successful and those that are not. What lessons are there to be learned from organizations that run global IT operations and deploy IT in support of their global business operations? What lessons are there to be learned in the development, implementation, use and management of IT from organizations operating in countries other than their own? Cases on Global IT Applications and Management: Success and Pitfalls brings together orig

Author: Mahesh S. Raisinghani
Publisher: IGI Global
Keywords: cases, series, vol, part, technology, action, worldwide, commerce, theory, information
Number of Pages: 276
Published: 2002-01-07
List price: $74.95
ISBN-10: 1930708270
ISBN-13: 9781930708273

The primary mission of Cases on Worldwide E-Commerce: Theory in Action is to provide detailed case studies of opportunities and challenges in worldwide e-commerce as the Internet economy and globalization trends erase the traditional IT and geographical boundaries. Cases included in this publication are valuable to practitioners and academicians in the e-commerce/information systems field as learning and teaching resources. The cases, based on real life experience in e-commerce will demonstrate situations and challenges for a world in which IT is no longer restricted by corporate walls.

Authors:Mary A. Lundeberg, Barbara B. Levin, Helen L. Harrin
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: cases, learning, teaching, research, learns, base
Number of Pages: 304
Published: 1999-08-01
List price: $51.95
ISBN-10: 0805827781
ISBN-13: 9780805827781

This book organizes and presents major empirical work done to date on cases and case-based pedagogy. It is timely--not only because it provides a comprehensive review of much of the scholarship that has been done to date, but also because it encompasses a wide range of perspectives on cases and case methods. For example, it includes research on learning from discussing and writing about cases; from video and multi-media cases as well as print cases; from working with preservice and in-service teachers as well as research on the contributors’ own practice. The research included is grounde

Authors:Kevin P. Hanretty MD FRCOG, Tom Turner, John R. McG
Publisher: Churchill Livingstone
Keywords: cases, short, osce, pass, finals, clinical
Number of Pages: 356
Published: 2004-06-11
List price: $44.95
ISBN-10: 0443073597
ISBN-13: 9780443073595

This is a practical revision book for learning techniques to pass clinical examinations in all the major clinical subjects for final examinations. The book covers Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Psychiatry. Each section starts with advice on the general aspects of examination of the patients, followed by a series of clinical problems presented in the form of cases. Each case includes a fact file of key points to remember about this condition, and advises on the likely discussion points that can be asked. The book outlines in each clinical problem the likely use o

Publisher: Hampp
Keywords: cases, international, proceedings, conference, application, research, motivation, theories, tools, solving, problem, experiments, concepts, knowledge, environmental
Number of Pages: 28
Published: 1997
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 3879882592
ISBN-13: 9783879882595
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