Authors:A. N. Roquelaure, Anne Rice,
Publisher: Plume
Keywords: beauty, sleeping, punishment
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 1999-05-01
List price: $15.00
ISBN-10: 0452281431
ISBN-13: 9780452281431

An erotic novel of discipline, love, and surrender for the enjoyment of men and women. This sequel to The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, the first of Anne Rice’s elegantly written volumes of erotica, continues her explicit, teasing exploration of the psychology of human desire. Now Beauty, having indulged in a secret and forbidden infatuation with the rebellious slave Prince Tristan, is sent away from the Satyricon-like world of the Castle. Sold at auction, she will soon experience the tantalizing punishments of "the village," as her education in love, cruelty, dominance, submission, and t

Author: Geoffrey Jones
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Keywords: beauty, business, global, history, imagined
Number of Pages: 416
Published: 2010-03-26
List price: $45.00
ISBN-10: 0199556490
ISBN-13: 9780199556496

The global beauty business permeates our lives, influencing how we perceive ourselves and what it is to be beautiful. The brands and firms which have shaped this industry, such as Avon, Coty, Estée Lauder, L’Oréal, and Shiseido, have imagined beauty for us.This book provides the first authoritative history of the global beauty industry from its emergence in the nineteenth century to the present day, exploring how today’s global giants grew. It shows how successive generations of entrepreneurs built brands which shaped perceptions of beauty, and the business organizations needed t

Author: Cara Birnbaum
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Keywords: beauty, guide, universe, miss, universal
Number of Pages: 224
Published: 2006-04-18
List price: $29.99
ISBN-10: 1401602290
ISBN-13: 9781401602291

The MISS UNIVERSE® Pageant represents the international ideal of beauty, and this unique beauty guide has the inside tips from all over the world that only members of this very exclusive club can tell. Beauty writer Cara Birnbaum and former Miss Universe winners bring together the diverse tips, insights, and secrets that have set these women apart and brought them to the pinnacle of beauty. Former title holders will share their beauty regimens as will the professionals who work with contestants to achieve the Miss Universe look. Readers with busy schedules will benefit from tips that will tak

Author: Naomi Wolf
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Keywords: beauty, women, used, images, myth
Number of Pages: 368
Published: 2002-10-01
List price: $14.99
ISBN-10: 0060512180
ISBN-13: 9780060512187

The bestselling classic that redefined our view od the relationship between beauty and female identity. In today’s world, women have more power, legal recognition, and professional success than ever before. Alongside the evident progress of the women’s movement, however, writer and journalist Naomi Wolf is troubled by a different kind of social control, which, she argues, may prove just as restrictive as the traditional image of homemaker and wife. It’s the beauty myth, an obsession with physical perfection that traps the modern woman in an endless spiral of hope, self-consci

Author: Robin Mckinley
Publisher: HarperTeen
Keywords: beauty, beast, retelling, story
Number of Pages: 336
Published: 2005-08-01
List price: $6.99
ISBN-10: 0060753102
ISBN-13: 9780060753108

A strange imprisonment Beauty has never liked her nickname. She is thin and awkward; it is her two sisters who are the beautiful ones. But what she lacks in looks, she can perhaps make up for in courage. When her father comes home with the tale of an enchanted castle in the forest and the terrible promise he had to make to the Beast who lives there, Beauty knows she must go to the castle, a prisoner of her own free will. Her father protests that he will not let her go, but she answers, "Cannot a Beast be tamed?" Robin McKinley’s beloved telling illuminates the unusual love story of a mos

Author: Paula Begoun
Publisher: Rodale Press
Keywords: beauty, smart, guide, bible, complete, ultimate
Number of Pages: 692
Published: 2004-08-31
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 1579549993
ISBN-13: 9781579549992

New Inside & out unread ,..From a non smoking home . A must have if you need,..The Complete Beauty Bible: The Ultimate Guide To Smart Beauty (Hardcover) by Paula Begoun (Author). .. I Ship Fast,from our warehouse, In A box, Bubble wrapped , with U.S.P.S. Delivery Confirmation

Author: Paula Begoun
Publisher: Beginning Press
Keywords: beauty, facts, ageless, care, skin, bible, original
Number of Pages: 500
Published: 2009-06-02
List price: $22.95
ISBN-10: 1877988332
ISBN-13: 9781877988332

The all-new third edition of The Original Beauty Bible is Paula Begoun’s most comprehensive book yet. Exhaustively researched, this refreshingly honest guide cuts through marketing hype to educate consumers on all aspects of beauty, including how to assemble a state-of-the-art skin-care routine, choose a cosmetic surgeon, and apply makeup like a pro. It provides the latest research and information on every imaginable cosmetic innovation, with a special emphasis on skin-care ingredients, and explains the pros and cons of all types of cosmetic surgery and corrective procedures in an engaging,
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